Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials by emilymeikatojikumiriki featuring a winter outfit
I'd definitely say this set includes my winter essentials...I've been wearing each of these pieces(especially the coat!) on repeat like crazy! Now..if only I could magically learn how to walk effortlessly with these boots....

Sunday, 19 October 2014

I've Got Chills, They're Multiplying

I've Got Chills, They're MultiplyingI've Got Chills, They're Multiplying by emilymeikatojikumiriki featuring highwaisted skinny jeans

So it seems winter is finally here to stay and to be honest, I'm kinda relieved! I really can't wait to layer up like mad and drink my own body weight in coffee! Though ask me in a few months if I'm still loving the cold and you won't be surprised with my change of tone.
Anywayy...time to stop procrastinating and get back to by assignments  *sigh* #studentlife
Kisses! x x

Monday, 13 October 2014

Take A Step Back, Inhale and Laugh

"Next time you're stressed: Take a step back, inhale and laugh. Remember who you are and why you're here. You're never given anything in this world that you can't handle. Be strong, be flexible, love yourself and love others. Always remember, just keep moving forward"
 Dress: ASOS

Hey guys,
I know every time I'm here, I apologise for not posting and I promise to post more which makes me sound like a broken record but I really do mean it when I apologise and promise more posts..it's just that..let's say my memory is as good as Dory's in Finding Nemo. With collage and everything, this have been quite busy and even though there's highs and lows, I'm loving it though I've really missed blogging. 
The quote above is one of my favourites to be honest because I find it always works. It's so simple yet so effective so definitely make sure you try it if you find yourself getting stressed or anxious like me. 
The dress in this post is actually what I was wearing in the previous outfit post but as a top...don't you love it?! The detail on it is so beautiful and even though it fits weirdly around the boob area, it has this amazing ability to just make me feel calm and free spirited as soon as I put it on...kinda reminds me of the scene in Friends where Monica, Phoebe and Rachel rent wedding dresses to wear because..well, why not eh? I actually love this dress so much that I wore it to my birthday last year....and I'm wearing it again for my birthday this year(tomorrow woop!) though truth be told, I'm probably wearing it again because I'm lazy and broke rather than my love for it. Anyways, I hope you're all doing well and if you have any organisational tips for me, please drop them down below ;)
Kisses x x

Music Monday | A Monster In Paris

Hey guys!
So lately..and by lately I mean yesterday and today, I've been loving A Monster in Paris and La Saine and I after watching the film (A monster in Paris) yesterday. The film is so cute honestly, such a heart warming animation in my opinion so definitely make sure you check it out if you haven't already.
What songs have you been loving lately?
Kisses x x

Monday, 22 September 2014

Back to Basics

Music Monday | The Script & Charles Trenet

So today's songs are really a reflection of how last week was. La Mer by Charles Trenet is such a beautiful and soothing song...I can't understand a single word of it but it's such a perfect 'de stress' song I can't help but love it.
This new song; Superhero by The Script I feel is just perfect because the lyrics are so darn inspiring and mega feel good..a definite must listen for anyone who's breaching out of their comfort zone in order to go after their dreams...like me ;) and something I've learnt this week is that yeah..it's definitely scary to go after your dreams..you end up realising that some of the fears you had weren't irrational (but I've also realised that pretty much 99% of the pre nerves you have are irrational) but the good thing is that with the right mindset in place, you end up overcoming those fears. Another major thing I've learned this week is that it's okay to be scared...it's okay to be nervous...it's okay to be anxious..it's okay to be afraid and actually, all these things are perfectly normal and a lot of people are feeling/have felt the same crappy feelings as you. The trick is to not be afraid of your fears and to not let your fears control you...just because you're afraid doesn't mean you can't go after what you want. When you stop being afraid of your fears(usually by rationalising your fears especially realising the worst that could happen isn't that bad because you have the ability to deal with whatever this life throws at you) you're able to deal with your fears much better.When you learn to use your fears as motivation and you realise that pretty much everyone out there going after their dreams are crapping themselves just as much as you, your fears don't seem so bad. Also, it's okay to take a break when you feel things are getting too much to handle..just stop procrastinating..stop trying to be in two places at once..if you've got loads of work to do and all you're thinking about is watching your favourite tv show...drop the books,go watch one episode and come back to your books..sounds weird but you'll realise you'll end up spending much more time doing your work instead of procrastinating..so if you want to take a break, go take it and don't feel guilty about it.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Music Monday | Professor Green

Can't believe it's Monday..the last couple of days have been so busy...not busy in normal terms but for my lazy self, it's been hectic but all good :). So,today's song, Lullaby by Professor Green ft Tori Kelly has been stuck in my head for quite a few weeks...beautiful song,beautiful vocals and beautiful lyrics..what more do you need in a song? I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Like I always say, I'll try and post an outfit this week as I'm feeling quite ambitious right now but I'm very much in a sleep deprived state right now and I think I may be hallucinating a bit so don't take anything I say seriously. Anyway, it's an early goodnight from me and see you when I see you :)
Emily x

Monday, 8 September 2014

Music Monday | Louis Armstrong

Hope you're well :)
So today was the 'first' day of college...it was an induction day so technically not a proper 'first' day but in my head, I'll still count it as an official first day on the account of how much I was crapping myself about today. Anyway,to cut the story short, I was pretty darn nervous in the morning but a quick prayer,music and organisation calmed me down. I chose a La Vie en Rose cover by Louis Armstrong because I recently realised..and by I, I mean God helped me realise that Jazz type of music helps me relax as it calms me down when I'm feeling anxious and this is one of the songs that's been really helping me so I hope you enjoy :)
I'm planning to post a look this week but I'm not sure so as a wise man once said, don't hold your breath.
Anyway, it's goodnight from me and I'll see you when I'll see you.
Emily x

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Can't Get It Right

Dress(As Top): ASOS//Tartan Jacket//Leggings:Primark//Shoes(barely in the picture but oh well):Zara

Hey guys,
So this post was meant to be up last week...? *I think but Lord knows* but yeahh...whatever. Anyway, I wore this outfit maybe two months ago to a friend's graduation and lemme tell you...it was soo hot! * the weather that is, not me but thanks for thinking that ;)* I was sweating like crazy because of the jacket and I couldn't remove it as I had literally shoved the bottom part of my dress down my pants..classy I know..and at one point I had a malfunction where parts of the dress came out..and it probably took me half an hour to notice after I finally noticed the 'dafaq?!' glances towards me *Lord knows what they were thinking*...so, all that drama is why this outfit is appropriately named 'Can't get it right'. To be honest, wardrobe malfunctions are second nature to me; I'm always that person who never seems to dress appropriately for any weather regardless of being an obsessive weather checker *sigh*...such as life..but in my defence; British weather. Nuff said. Anyways, hope you enjoy this...rambling and all.
Emily x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Summer Uniform

A New Leaf

Hey guys,
Today's gonna be a bit of a personal post/ramble and me being someone who's not exactly the best speaker...or in this case, best writer in the world so a lot of this may not make sense but please bear with me :)
So, on Tuesday, I had a college interview and got in *Woop!*. Now, on the face of it, being accepted into college doesn't look like that much of a big deal but for me, a 19 year old who's been out of education for nearly two years due to lots of things such as bad timing,fate and depression, it's fair to say that Tuesday meant a lot to me. I'm not really sure why I'm writing this but something I realised a couple of weeks ago is I'm much more secretive than I thought. I always thought I'm quite an open person and I think I used to be before but now as I reflect back, I can definitely see that my depression and all the pain surrounding it definitely converted me into an emotional introvert. Recently, I've been helping(talking) to someone who's currently going through depression and I've been telling her all this stuff that helped me get better and then one thing caught my eye, I've been giving this person all these points/advice on how to get better yet I was barely listening/using my own advice. Although I've always done this ever since I was young, I guess I never truly realised how important it is for us to follow our own advice because, at the end of the day, we are the ones who know ourselves most..and best.
So I made a vow. A vow to try and follow my own advice. So, first piece of advice for me to follow is to confront my fears and one of those fears is opening up and talking honestly about my feelings..especially the negative ones and that's why I'll tell you something I've never told anyone, my biggest fear right now:

I'm scared.

I'm really scared..like 'crapping my pants' scared..not literally of course.

I'm scared about everything.
I'm scared about failing.
I'm scared about succeeding.
I'm scared about not fitting.
I'm scared of the future.
I'm scared about not being close to God in the future.
I'm scared about the next year.
I'm scared about getting depression again.
I'm scared about not getting into university.
I'm scared about falling in love.
I'm scared about opening up to anyone. Bottom line is, I'm scared...a hurt too.
I was so scared about Tuesday that I pretty much never told anyone about the interview just in case anyone asked how I was feeling to which I imagined myself breaking down and sporting a 'Kim Kardashian' esque crying face but with the addition of bloody red eyes, loads of mucus(disgusting i know, but it's the truth..it seems like my nose has learned how to cry as well) and mascara stained tears all over my face. Actually, come think of it, this is probably one of the reasons I choose to keep quiet about my emotions especially when I'm struggling.
Now, this isn't to say that I'm not okay because for pretty much 98% of the time I'm ok...but I guess lately I've been realising that, as hard as it is for me to admit, I need help because I can't deal with everything on my own and I also feel like there's a lot of people out there right now whoare/have been in my shoes. I've realised that as much as we find it hard to open up to others especially about our emotions and struggles, it's very important that we do this because it helps so much and you'll be surprised to realise how much we all struggle with the same things which strangely helps a lot because it helps us realise that we're not alone in whatever we're struggling with.
I guess what I'd say to everyone is don't be afraid of opening up to others but also, if people open up to you, don't judge them whatever they tell you.

Most importantly though, I thank God for always being with me but especially in the last two years because I know in my head and my heart that I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for God.

Much love and God bless.
Emily x

Monday, 18 August 2014

Music Mondays | Birdy

How are you? You good? Cool :)
I just realised that I was meant to upload an outfit post on Friday but since I'm not exactly known by anyone including myself as being good in timing, I'm not gonna let that bring me too down but I'll definitely try to put up an outfit post this week. By the way, if you have any suggestions or requests of things you'd like to see up here on the blog, let me know :). Anyway, during this last week, I've definitely been loving Wings by Birdy, her voice is pure magic and she makes anything sound amazing..honestly, just watch her covers on Youtube and you'll get what I mean. As always, make sure you share what you've been loving down below :)
Emily x

Monday, 11 August 2014

Music Mondays | Tori Kelly

Sorry for the delay today...and for the last couple of Mondays actually. I'm totally the kind of person who always has a million and one things going on in my mind which pretty much always leads to lots of unfinished tasks...and these are the tasks lucky enough to not be forgotten(please tell me I'm not the only one who does this). Anyway, for today's late music monday, I've got Tori Kelly's most recent Youtube upload which features an acoustic version of the song she wrote for The Giver movie which is coming out this week for you lucky Americans..her voice is the magical,sensational,breathtaking,goosebump giving..ah just amazing! I really could go on for days but you get the message. I've loved every single video she's uploaded..definitely one of those rare singers that make anything and everything sound amazing. Anyway, fan girl moment over, I hope you enjoy this song as much as I have and make sure you share the songs you've been loving lately.
Emily x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Oh, Memories!

Hat: Dad's//Everything else: Primark.

Something I've recently realised is we spend so much of our time thinking about how we didn't do what we should have done yesterday or last week or last year (don't tell me I'm the only one who's been in an argument where you lost so you went away and spent an unhealthy amount of time coming up a million and one comebacks that would've been perfect for the argument which happened hours..days...weeks..or even years ago *sigh*) but the thing is, at the end of the day, no matter how much time you spend obsessing over the past, whether you're drowning in guilt and shame as you relive all the bad choices you made or whether you're dreaming of the 'good old days' where things were easier, simpler, cheaper and happier; the past is the past and there's nothing you or I can do to change it. It's important to reflect and revisit your past because it has a huge influence your present and future self but the key is to reflect and revisit only for a little while, learn all the lessons you can from it and then move on. Reflect and revisit your past but make sure you do not end up living there; so long as you live in the past, you'll never find your future.

"I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better."
Maya Angelou

Monday, 14 July 2014

Music Mondays | AWOLNATION, Milky Chance, Stromae & George Ezra

I am so sorry for the silence...to be honest I have a million and one reasons/excuses for the silence but since I promised to be a 'no excuses' type of person a couple of posts ago, I'll just jump right in :). So, these four songs are what I've been pretty much obsessed with in the last 2 weeks or so and I'll admit,even though always knew I have a  random and bizarre taste in music, when I picked these 4 songs, that's when the penny really dropped as I truly realised just how 'odd' I am when it comes to loving music but all in all, I love it because that's just me. Sail by AWOLNATION is epic to say the least...best served with the bass turned high and Budapest by George Ezra is such an amazing summer song, I'll admit, the first time I heard the song I though he was a black dude but who cares, his voice is so good and unique that I fell in love as soon I heard the song; you had me at 'My house in Budapest' Mr Ezra.
The first time I first heard avf by Stromae and Flashed Junk Mind while watching a Catfish marathon(that show is sooo addictive!) and it was love at first..sound? I have no idea what Stromae raps about in avf or any of his other songs but I love the vibe of all his songs...well the ones I've listened to and as for Milky Chance, I pretty much nearly cried my eyes out in joy when saw their genre is folk with reggae influence...reggae and folk! I mean, has there ever been a more perfect fusion of genres?! I think not. Anyway, like always, I hope you guys enjoy the music and share the music you've been loving down below :).

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

It Ain't Even Spring Yet.

Primark Coat// Primark T-Shirt// Primark Leggings// Zara Shoes// TKMaxx Bag// Primark Necklace// H&M Ear cuff// Sekonda Watch

Hey guys,
Another outfit post for you guys today :). I have to admit I wore this look and shot it a month ago which really goes to show just how lazy I am but....in my defence, I really like it and even though the weather here in London has improved a bit meaning, coats are no longer needed however, with this unsettled weather that keeps changing every 15 mins, I wouldn't pack away my coats yet since you never really know what to expect. Are any of you guys out there feeling my pain?..well not pain really since I have to admit I secretly prefer the colder days to the warmer ones...to me, heat just makes everything soo uncomfortable! Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying this week and enjoy my 'flasher pose' in the last photo ;).
Emily x

Monday, 23 June 2014

Music Mondays | Sam Smith

Hey guys,
It's Monday which means it's time to share another song I've been loving this past week! I'll admit I'm cheating a bit by sharing these songs since I actually barely listed to it last week so let's call them 'songs I forgot about and quickly rediscovered in the last half hour after realising it's Monday and no other songs came to mind'...although, there aren't actually any rules to this so technically....I'm not cheating am I? I was only planning on sharing one but I got crazy hooked on these three AMAZING acoustic versions of Nirvana, Latch and Lay Me Down by the talented Sam Smith. His voice is magical to say the least and when he hits those sweet falsetto notes.....goosebumps! Definitely check him out if you haven't yet because you're seriously missing out. Make sure you also share the songs you've been loving in the last week down below.
Emily x

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Perfect Imperfections.

H&M Trench// George@Asda Tee// Primark Leggings//Zara Shoes//TKMaxx bag// eBay Necklace//Dad's Hat

Hey guys!
Finally! I've uploaded my first OOTD *can I get an amen!* I wore this outfit on Saturday but actually shot the pictures a couple of weeks ago and was going to reshoot them but I'm wayyy to lazy for this 'reshoot' business. I bought this trench last month for only 17 squids(that's pounds to the normal people) in the H&M sale which is such a bargain considering how the trench is such a huge summer trend. It's soo bloomin comfortable! plus you feel so cool in it...and I mean cool like Neo from the Matrix level so you can imagine how I was feeling on Saturday haha. The necklace is something else I bought last month after seeing countless bloggers sporting either the true Chanel version or the Zara dupe which I nearly bought before I saw this one on eBay which I think resembles the Chanel one much more but at a fraction of the price *£3.99 baby!*...although I think I only got it at this price due to a glitch of some sort but I'm not complaining :). The bag is an oldie but goodie from TKMAXX, the leggings from plain old Primark, the hat is my dad's which I've borrowed for all eternity *don't tell me you haven't done this with you parent's stuff*and the shoes are from Zara (but bought on eBay. I know my feet look weird haha but that's really how I stand 90% of the time..don't ask why lol.
 To be honest, the pictures are nowhere near as ready as I wanted them to be before I posted my first look (hence the title) but I just thought; ahh to hell with it, just do it woman! I've actually been preparing to post a look(and show ma face) ever since I started this blog #chronic procastinator so even though the pictures aren't perfect, I have to admit I'm quite proud of myself for uploading them :) In this world sometimes you just have to celebrate the good things/achievements regardless of how small they are/look. Here's to more 'perfectly imperfect' looks in the future! As always, I hope you guys enjoy this post :)
P.S. How awkward is it shooting on your own?! I have so many outtakes from this day it's unreal.
Love, Emily x

Perfect Imperfections

Monday, 16 June 2014

Music Mondays | Louis Armstrong & Bobby McFerrin.

These two songs have definitely been on repeat in the last week like crazy...and propably in the whole of last month to be honest. I swear Louis Armstrong's voice has magical soothing powers especially when you're having those crappy days or if you're knackered beyond belief and his cover of 'La Vie En Rose' definitely doesn't dissapoint. As for Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy tune, I would say it's the perfect song for those days where you feel like all you're tasks are pilling up at lighting speed and you can't cope (something I definitely felt last week) so if you ever feel like that, just blast out this song and revel in the mess that is life..something that definitely works for me haha!
Anyways, see you next week and definitely make sure you share with me the songs that that have been on your repeat list in the last week :)
Emily x

Monday, 9 June 2014

Music Mondays | Macy Gray

Hope you're all well. So, as I continue to profusely procrastinate and delay the pictures I promised in the previous post, I decided I might as well start a new segment type thing in order to change this blog's uncanny resemblance to a barren desert *oh hey there tumbleweed*. Anyway, I now present to you Music Mondays; a new segment where I'm gonna be sharing song(s) that I've been listening to on repeat during the last week and hopefully you guys can share with me the songs that have been stuck in your heads too. 
So, for last week, Beauty in the world by Macy Gray was definitely one of the songs that was on repeat like crazy. After having gone through a weird couple of weeks emotionally, this song's light, upbeat summer vibe/mood definitely made me feel a whole lot better *music heals you guys!* and those lyrics are so beautiful and true so I hope you enjoy this song as much as I have and I can't wait to see what you've been loving :)

P.S. I've been hanging out on Tumblr like crazy these past few weeks *Thank God for Tumblr's post limits* so feel free to come over and hang out with me on onwards-n-upwards.tumblr.com whenever you want :)
See you next week,
Love Emily x

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Love's Ignorant Of Time.

Love's Ignorant Of Time

Love's Ignorant Of Time 
Another set featuring these Alexander Wang Fabiana heels albeit in a different colour *oohh check me out using 'albeit' in another set ;)*
Recently, I've really been hooked to this song called My Own by an Australian band called Whitaker; such superb lyrics and don't even get me started on the vocals. Definitely check it out if you haven't.

Anyhoo,like always, hope you enjoy this set :).

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Modern Explorer.

The Modern ExplorerThe Modern Explorer
The modern explorer needs only a clear open mind and an open heart to truly discover the extraordinary; especially in the most ordinary circumstances.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I Just Wanna Lay In My Bed.

I Just Wanna Lay In My BedI Just Wanna Lay In My Bed 
Ahh so proud of myself for finishing this set! It's funny how the little details are always the reason why you ended up spending countless hours when you're making a set isn't it? And most of the times it's little tidbits here and there that no one would take notice of...even though I know this fully in my head, I still can't help myself but to focus on them everytime *#obbsesed weirdo*

Anyway, moving on to the outfit, I especially love those heels because they kind of resemble fluffy slippers, I mean they are essentially a zhushed up version of lounging slippers aren't they? For me, this look would be perfect for those days where you really don't wanna leave your house let alone your bed but you kinda have to..which is pretty much everyday for me if I'm honest.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!
I honestly had no idea this is how this set would turn out. Goes to show the kind of serendipitous beauty that can fathom out of your imagination when you forget about rules,do's, don't s and whatnot and just let your mind and imagination run free :)
*Haha I cannot describe how proud I am of myself for using 'serendipitous' in a sentence..ooh la la how posh have I become? ;)*

Monday, 5 May 2014

Beach Day Out.

Beach Day OutBeach Day Out 
Perfect look for a beach day out or an easy day spent by the the pool :)

*Didn't really know what to say about this set hence the weird description haha...I do apologise; I would promise to be better next time but the chance of that promise actually coming true is non-existent...unfortunately I am knee deep in 'creative block' as we speak :l...anyways, hope you like the set :)

Friday, 18 April 2014

I'm Truly, Madly, Deeply, Passionately In Love With You.

I'm Truly, Madly, Deeply, Passionately In Love With You

I'm Truly, Madly, Deeply, Passionately In Love With You 

Ahh the things I would do to be able to wear this set right now....

I really love how comfortable and 'easy breezy' it looks while still managing to look quite stylish; a vibe that I'll definitely try and embody for this year's spring/summer season because to me, looking good and feeling good is the best way to not only endure but to also overcome whatever the world throws at you at any given day with uber confidence and nonchalance. To paraphrase Mz Marilyn Monroe, give a girl the right shoes( and clothes) and she can conquer the world! 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?

I honestly cannot tell you how many posts I've written in preparation for my first official post of the year; actually I browsed through my notebook to see that the drafts were 6 pages..double sided A4 pages...and let's not even talk about the countless imaginary ones residing in my mind as we speak. As varied (and increasingly insane) they all were,one thing that they all seemed to have in common were the amount of apologies in them. I even went further to explain my reasons or 'excuses' which is how everyone would probably describe them as, all of which I will may reveal all in due time though truth be told, some of them were a little 'TMI' to the point where I said, "Emily, did you just write that down...on paper...with an ink pen?" and proceeded to run to the shredder and shove the paper down it so fast you'd think I was a fugitive.
Yeah..I talk to myself in 3rd person..I'm weird like that I guess..don't tell me you've never done it though ;)

Anyway, I finally realised yesterday that I just need to grow some balls or 'cojones' and just do it! This 'comeback' should we say, is nowhere near how I imagined it to be. At this point, the blog was meant to have been completely revamped and I was meant to come back all pretty and perfect with loads of amazing photos and other content to share..but we all know the sad and harsh reality of how how things don't always work out the way we intended. By the way, I did actually shoot some pictures and was gonna upload them but  I chickened out last minute *quelle surprise*.I did realise however that I took them like 2 months ago which kind of makes them no longer relevant as it's all about 'spring' now (which the current weather doesn't seem to realise) but if you guys are interested in seeing them, just comment below :)

So while I await my grown balls, I'll share with you a few bits and bobs(Shoes) that I've bought recently which apparently means up to 4 months ago to me..oh well, hope you guys enjoy :).
P.S. Missed you guys a lot!

1. Zara High Heel With Ankle Strap 2. Zara Ballerina With Jewel 3. Zara Shoe With Block Heel and Ankle Strap 4. ASOS Satellite Heels 5. Zara Metallic Ballerina With Ankle Strap 6. Zara Shiny Pointy Ballerina 7. Zara Printed Plimsoll 8. Zara Jewelled Slipper 9. Primark Tan Woven Caged Sandal.

So first and foremost, here are some of the 'new' shoes I bought. I really didn't know just how much of a shoeholic (Zara shoeholic to be specific) I was until recently.I just love the fact that you don't have to be a specific age/weight/body type in order to wear shoes and also the way that they have an ability to make or break an outfit/mood/confidence. In the words of Marilyn Monroe, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!

Chillin' Out, Maxin' Relaxin' All Cool.

Chillin' Out, Maxin' Relaxin' All CoolChillin' Out, Maxin' Relaxin' All Cool 

This would definitely be my go to look at the moment. The sun is out, shining in all it's glory over gorgeous London and nature's own answer to air con is also flowing freely and as a result,  gives us the best of both worlds(weather wise). This weather's also giving off that 'lazy afternoon' vibe but as perfect as this sounds, I imagine the people stuck in work/school at the moment aren't rejoicing as much as me . What would make this weather the true epitome of perfection right now is if promised to be around from this day forward but we all know that ain't gonna happen..ahh...C'est la vie

Friday, 11 April 2014

Zara Sandals.

Zara High Heel Sandal With DiamanteZara High Heel Sandal With Diamante

How gorgeous are these sandals?! I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to the Zara summer sales (Ain't nobody got £40 to spend on sandals!)

Oh Dream Maker, You Heartbreaker.

Oh Dream Maker, You Heartbreaker

Oh Dream Maker, You Heartbreaker 

Typically, this is what a girl who's madly obsessed with  Breakfast at Tiffany's, anything and everything Audrey Hepburn and Dresses  does at 3:30 am in the morning running on a 3 hour sleep from the previous day.
I'm pretty sure I'm approaching the 'psychosis/hallucination' stage of sleep deprivation as we speak so it is with those final worrying words that I say, Good Night World! *or is it Good Morning?*

Friday, 4 April 2014

Pimping Ain't Easy.

Pimping Ain't Easy

Pimping Ain't Easy

Now I know that this look is quite different in comparison to the other looks that I've done and I can definitely assure you that I wouldn't be caught dead in it day or night around a dodgy street corner but non the less I thought it would  it would be quite a fun look to do; Quite a perfect look for a female pimp who want's to look good and a touch classy (hence the pearls)...who'd have thought I would one day be giving fashion advice to a female pimp haha...I guess all that I can say is the world works in mysterious ways.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty! 

Can we just take a moment to observe just how great this outfit combo is?! Even if I do say so myself ;)
Anyways, like always, I hope you guys enjoy and get inspired by this set :) ♥

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Classic Is The New Black.

Classic Is The New BlackClassic Is The New Black

I really love how this look elegantly says 'classic' even with the addition of colour. Hope you guys enjoy and get inspired by this set ♥

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Here Comes The Sun!

Here Comes The Sun

Really love how this outfit represents a golden, carefree summer. It screams comfortable and casual but without the stigma that attaches itself to almost every casual comfortable outfits as it proves that anyone can wear an outfit that's casual and comfortable while still being fashionable.
Bloomin 'eck, I said 'casual' and 'comfortable' a lot didn't I?! That's 8 times and counting....
Hope you guys enjoy :) ♥

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

All Day Everyday.

All Day Everyday

This is currently what my body is craving with every inch and fibre of its being. I'm freezing my ass of right now and it seems that I've got it convinced in my head that if I was just wearing this outfit, all would be right in the world. I mean, what happened to the sun?! The weather seems to have jumped into a time travel capsule and transported the whole of London back to the wet, cold and gloomy month of December all in a moment's notice.

Isn't it strange how black, as boring and dull a colour it is seems to be the source of comfort of security in terms of clothing?

Funnily enough, as much as I'm complaining about this horrendous weather, winter seems to be my favourite season of all. I love how pretty much anyone can look stylish and on trend in the cold whilst consequently hiding a multitude of sins in the form countless pies,sweets,meats and what have you that we all unashamedly inhaled like there was no tomorrow during the Christmas period; I mean anyone would've easily mistaken me for some sort of bear preparing itself for hibernation purely based on the amount of food I managed to chow down in the space of a week. We all manage to hide our rapid weight gain during the winter with minimal effort until the weather decides to warm up and expose us for the hopeless frauds that we are who promised to stick to our diets during Christmas or at least stick to our resolutions to which we silently yet hopefully chanted in our heads on New Year's eve, "10th time's the charm". 

One of the main reasons I dislike Summer is how it manages to quietly separate and highlight the uninspired and lazy couch potatoes such as me from the masses whilst shaming us at the same time for our lack of dedication and motivation to stick to our resolutions for the new year by giving up before even trying and again, convincing ourselves that next year WILL be different; an area in which we seem to have unexpectedly transformed into experts through our years of practice.

Also, what would the British talk/moan about if the weather was all fine and dandy? Not politics thats for sure.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

It Was All Black Everything.

It Was All Black Everything

I'm one of those strange people who wear black in the summer and the rest of the colour spectrum in the winter. I guess I find or maybe believe that it's more acceptable to wear black while the sun is shining rather than when the skies are grey. Now, I know it sounds strange but if you look at it from a balance perspective, doesn't it make perfect sense? It's more important to wear colour when the weather reflects otherwise because it lifts up not only your mood but every other person that you come across on the day however, in the summer, you can comfortably wear black from head to toe and still manage to not fall into a deep depressive state as your day progresses. So there is your answer Caroline!(a.k.a the older sister.)

Side note: I've been thinking about going back to blogging for the best part of a year and honest to God I can't for the life of me figure out what is stopping me from doing this. I seem to take one step forward and ten steps backwards...ahh so close yet so far.