Monday, 14 July 2014

Music Mondays | AWOLNATION, Milky Chance, Stromae & George Ezra

I am so sorry for the be honest I have a million and one reasons/excuses for the silence but since I promised to be a 'no excuses' type of person a couple of posts ago, I'll just jump right in :). So, these four songs are what I've been pretty much obsessed with in the last 2 weeks or so and I'll admit,even though always knew I have a  random and bizarre taste in music, when I picked these 4 songs, that's when the penny really dropped as I truly realised just how 'odd' I am when it comes to loving music but all in all, I love it because that's just me. Sail by AWOLNATION is epic to say the served with the bass turned high and Budapest by George Ezra is such an amazing summer song, I'll admit, the first time I heard the song I though he was a black dude but who cares, his voice is so good and unique that I fell in love as soon I heard the song; you had me at 'My house in Budapest' Mr Ezra.
The first time I first heard avf by Stromae and Flashed Junk Mind while watching a Catfish marathon(that show is sooo addictive!) and it was love at first..sound? I have no idea what Stromae raps about in avf or any of his other songs but I love the vibe of all his songs...well the ones I've listened to and as for Milky Chance, I pretty much nearly cried my eyes out in joy when saw their genre is folk with reggae influence...reggae and folk! I mean, has there ever been a more perfect fusion of genres?! I think not. Anyway, like always, I hope you guys enjoy the music and share the music you've been loving down below :).

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