Monday, 14 April 2014

Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?

I honestly cannot tell you how many posts I've written in preparation for my first official post of the year; actually I browsed through my notebook to see that the drafts were 6 pages..double sided A4 pages...and let's not even talk about the countless imaginary ones residing in my mind as we speak. As varied (and increasingly insane) they all were,one thing that they all seemed to have in common were the amount of apologies in them. I even went further to explain my reasons or 'excuses' which is how everyone would probably describe them as, all of which I will may reveal all in due time though truth be told, some of them were a little 'TMI' to the point where I said, "Emily, did you just write that down...on paper...with an ink pen?" and proceeded to run to the shredder and shove the paper down it so fast you'd think I was a fugitive.
Yeah..I talk to myself in 3rd person..I'm weird like that I guess..don't tell me you've never done it though ;)

Anyway, I finally realised yesterday that I just need to grow some balls or 'cojones' and just do it! This 'comeback' should we say, is nowhere near how I imagined it to be. At this point, the blog was meant to have been completely revamped and I was meant to come back all pretty and perfect with loads of amazing photos and other content to share..but we all know the sad and harsh reality of how how things don't always work out the way we intended. By the way, I did actually shoot some pictures and was gonna upload them but  I chickened out last minute *quelle surprise*.I did realise however that I took them like 2 months ago which kind of makes them no longer relevant as it's all about 'spring' now (which the current weather doesn't seem to realise) but if you guys are interested in seeing them, just comment below :)

So while I await my grown balls, I'll share with you a few bits and bobs(Shoes) that I've bought recently which apparently means up to 4 months ago to me..oh well, hope you guys enjoy :).
P.S. Missed you guys a lot!

1. Zara High Heel With Ankle Strap 2. Zara Ballerina With Jewel 3. Zara Shoe With Block Heel and Ankle Strap 4. ASOS Satellite Heels 5. Zara Metallic Ballerina With Ankle Strap 6. Zara Shiny Pointy Ballerina 7. Zara Printed Plimsoll 8. Zara Jewelled Slipper 9. Primark Tan Woven Caged Sandal.

So first and foremost, here are some of the 'new' shoes I bought. I really didn't know just how much of a shoeholic (Zara shoeholic to be specific) I was until recently.I just love the fact that you don't have to be a specific age/weight/body type in order to wear shoes and also the way that they have an ability to make or break an outfit/mood/confidence. In the words of Marilyn Monroe, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!

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