Monday, 22 September 2014

Music Monday | The Script & Charles Trenet

So today's songs are really a reflection of how last week was. La Mer by Charles Trenet is such a beautiful and soothing song...I can't understand a single word of it but it's such a perfect 'de stress' song I can't help but love it.
This new song; Superhero by The Script I feel is just perfect because the lyrics are so darn inspiring and mega feel good..a definite must listen for anyone who's breaching out of their comfort zone in order to go after their me ;) and something I've learnt this week is that's definitely scary to go after your end up realising that some of the fears you had weren't irrational (but I've also realised that pretty much 99% of the pre nerves you have are irrational) but the good thing is that with the right mindset in place, you end up overcoming those fears. Another major thing I've learned this week is that it's okay to be's okay to be's okay to be's okay to be afraid and actually, all these things are perfectly normal and a lot of people are feeling/have felt the same crappy feelings as you. The trick is to not be afraid of your fears and to not let your fears control you...just because you're afraid doesn't mean you can't go after what you want. When you stop being afraid of your fears(usually by rationalising your fears especially realising the worst that could happen isn't that bad because you have the ability to deal with whatever this life throws at you) you're able to deal with your fears much better.When you learn to use your fears as motivation and you realise that pretty much everyone out there going after their dreams are crapping themselves just as much as you, your fears don't seem so bad. Also, it's okay to take a break when you feel things are getting too much to handle..just stop procrastinating..stop trying to be in two places at once..if you've got loads of work to do and all you're thinking about is watching your favourite tv show...drop the books,go watch one episode and come back to your books..sounds weird but you'll realise you'll end up spending much more time doing your work instead of if you want to take a break, go take it and don't feel guilty about it.

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