Saturday, 28 December 2013

Beautiful Madness.

Beautiful Madness

I named this set 'beautiful madness' simply because one would have to be mad to wear this outfit in the current winter weather however; wouldn't one look oh so beautiful in their madness?

Apologies for the pretentious posh totty madness going on above this sentence; clearly I'm having some sort of identity crisis of a problem but I just thought it sounded cool no?ok...nonetheless, I hope you loved this set♥ *Nonetheless? Honestly, I can't seem to help it today*

Friday, 27 December 2013

Tricks Up My Sleeve.

Tricks Up My Sleeve

It's no secret that I'm a big lover (and wearer) of black. Summer to Spring, Autumn to Winter, black is the colour I always find myself wearing;whether intentional or not but I've realised that wearing black in excess in winter and more so in summer can spread a sort of grumpy, anti-social 'Ebenezer Scrooge'style vibe about you that results in you getting strange looks from other people; something I've been subject to and experienced countless times. This year though I discovered that if you wear even one bright accessory, the strange looks seem to start evaporating one by one and the inclusion of colour surprisingly adds some much needed cheeriness to your mood and a spring to your step too!

Holding On.

Holding On

Now, I know this look doesn't exactly scream 'warm' and wouldn't be exactly ideal in the current weather but how ace does it look?! It's quite typical me as I'm currently refusing to conform to wearing boots amongst other essential winter accessories as I'm trying to hold on to Autumn as much as I can. Suffice to say, my body is not happy with this at all.
I know I would definitely would risk hypothermia for this look...Beauty is after all pain isn't it?

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mint Velvet Cocoon Coat.

Buy Mint Velvet Cocoon Coat, Grey online at John Lewis

I swear as soon as I saw this coat I instantly fell in love. After getting over my 'star struck, dumbfounded, speechless' euphoric episode, I proceeded to scour the internet relentlessly in hope of finding the retailer selling this perfection of a coat. Unfortunately,harsh reality struck a mere 30 mins later when I finally found it only to realise that there was no way I could afford this even in an idealistic parallel world. Ahh the internet giveth and taketh away...I guess that's the circle of life isn't it?
*I do realise I am slightly exaggerating by comparing the circle of life to a mere coat but I am sure any shopaholic out there like me totally understands..right? right?*

Friday, 15 November 2013



This would definitely be my winter go to uniform. Gorgeous warm coat, cut out boots with small heel ideal for running errands and a gorgeous bag with a pop of colour; Perfection!



Nothing much to say; just a casual look I've been loving and wearing recently :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

Gold Black Pearls And Birthday Cakes...With A Dash Of Red!

Gold Black Pearls And Birthday Cakes...With A Dash Of Red!

This is what my birthday outfit for this year would be if I had all the money in the world; Oh a girl can dream!
It literally has all my favourite things; gold, black, lace and a dash of sparkle- Pure perfection!

Do This In Remembrance Of Me.

Do This In Remembrance Of Me

Today marks the 95th Anniversary since the end of World War 1 which is thought to have officially ended on the eleventh hour on the eleventh day on the eleventh month in 1918 previously known as Armistice Day. It is a day in which people stop and observe a 2 minute silence at 11am on the 11th of November in memory of those who have been affected by all conflicts.
I chose this gorgeous red and white dress for this set and also chose to exclude all black clothing/accessories because instead of thinking of all the tragic deaths suffered, I wanted to focus on all the brave people who chose to sacrifice their own lives fully in order to fight for others' safety. Without these brave men and women, life right now would not be as we know of it; we owe them our life.

Black And Yellow.

Black And Yellow

I love experimenting with accessories and footwear on plain black outfits; so many possibilities! 
I chose yellow because quite frankly the weather sucks right now and a nice bright punch of colour is needed to brighten up the depressing grey clouds and the people that accompany them
P.S. I honestly can't explain why I love these shoes! They are so masculine and maybe a bit hideous in my opinion yet are perfect at the same time. I know; this doesn't make sense to me either :)

Shameless Maya's Be Shameless Beanie.

Oh How I Need Thee!

Oh How I Need Thee!

The tartan trend at the moment is driving me crazy! It was a trend that I was not even remotely interested in a couple of months ago but after being pummelled by blogger's photos, fashion week images and countless Tumblr pictures all over the internet, all Idream of now is a perfectly oversized and collarless tartan coat. This will also come as no surprise to anyone that I finally caved in and splurged on a gorgeous tartan coat I saw on ASOS. Granted, it was the most expensive piece of clothing I've ever bought with my own money but it was more than worth it if it meant me getting back my peaceful sleep free from any tartan coat infused nightmares.
The internet:solely responsible for making me broke as soon as I opened my bank account The internet: solely responsible for making me broke 5 years and running..and I thought bank accounts were meant for saving money...ahh to be young and naive.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Black Fur Lapel Long Sleeve Buttons Two Pieces Coat.

Black White Faux Fur Hooded Houndstooth Coat.

Grey Notch Lapel Long Sleeve Tweed Coat.

Rose Red Long Sleeve Zipper Pockets Coat.

Black Grey Lapel Long Sleeve Woollen Coat.

Check Coat.


Coat (see more yellow coats)

 I thought this coat was a good dupe for the infamous Zara one that a lot of bloggers have been sporting over the winter period as they look pretty much identical but with this Sheinside getting the upper hand for being a fraction of the cost in comparison to the Zara one.

Black Coat.


Coat (see more zipper coats)

I can see this coat being in somewhere like Zara or the like. This one is obviously way cheaper than the rhetorical Zara version though I could imagine Zara stocking one with real leather lapels and cuffs but I'm sure you and I can agree that real leather is overrated (can you tell that I barely have any real leather items in my wardrobe?) I guess at the most of times you certainly get what you pay for.

Yellow Bowknot Front H-line Simple Wool Blend Coat.

Yellow Bowknot Front H-line Simple Wool Blend Coat

How cute is this coat?! Definitely an essential piece for anyone wanting to look fashionable while keeping warm in the cold which is pretty much everyone. And the Crème de la crème factor is that you won't have to break the bank while doing so. It's good when everything works out well isn't it?

Grey Contrast Leather Quilted Sleeve Zipper Coat.

Khaki Long Sleeve Zipper Pockets Coat.

Khaki Long Sleeve Zipper Pockets Coat -

I have no idea why this coat is described as 'khaki' as it's clearly nowhere near said colour. Call me mad but I'd say it's more of a coral/beige hybrid wouldn't you? Anyway, regardless of it's specific shade, it is quite stunning and I can picture it fitting in quite nicely not only with my other coats but with the rest of my wardrobe too..where are unlimited funds when you need them? Ahh..such as life.

Black Long Sleeve Pockets Tweed Coat.

Black Long Sleeve Pockets Tweed Coat -

I'm really digging tweed this winter season. I promise I'm nowhere near old enough to be using the term 'digging' but if my behaviour is anything to go by, one could easily argue the contrary..seriously, ask anyone who knows me and they'll confirm it in a heart beat. Actually, I do recall one time when my friend described me as 'Benjamin Button' which in all honesty is the perfect description of me, albeit slightly mean.
*wow, ok erm..did I just use 'albeit' in a sentence? Can we just like take a moment or two to take it all in? seems I was listening in all those english lessons, contrary to my teacher's belief..and mine too haha*

Friday, 18 October 2013

Casual My Way.

Casual My Way

This is definitely my casual go to look when it's a bit chilly outside. I know it doesn't exactly look casual but you could you argue that the sheer definition of 'casual' in terms of clothing is more about how we feel rather than how we look..and this theory goes both ways.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To all who have suffered directly with the effects of Breast Cancer or any kind of Cancer; This set is dedicated to you ♥

Autumn Is Upon Us.

Autumn Is Upon Us

Really love how this outfit manages to combine so many factors such as warmth,casual,colour,cool e.t.c so effortlessly. Lord knows how rare that happens...

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My Take On: Monochrome!

My Take On: Monochrome!

Here's my set with a few outfits on one of the hottest spring/summer '13 trends; Monochrome! I have to say that this is probably definitely my favourite set that I've ever done..I could totally see myself rocking each and every look(If I lost like 100 pounds, give or take) but for reals, aren't the pairings great? I know..I'm biased but don't you just love the variety at least? Anyway, I hope this inspires you to get creative with your outfits and embrace this classic and timeless trend!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

First interview in 2013!

First interview in 2013!

Here's a more pricey replica of what I wore on my first job interview in 2013! Fingers crossed I've got the job :)