Sunday, 31 August 2014

Can't Get It Right

Dress(As Top): ASOS//Tartan Jacket//Leggings:Primark//Shoes(barely in the picture but oh well):Zara

Hey guys,
So this post was meant to be up last week...? *I think but Lord knows* but yeahh...whatever. Anyway, I wore this outfit maybe two months ago to a friend's graduation and lemme tell was soo hot! * the weather that is, not me but thanks for thinking that ;)* I was sweating like crazy because of the jacket and I couldn't remove it as I had literally shoved the bottom part of my dress down my pants..classy I know..and at one point I had a malfunction where parts of the dress came out..and it probably took me half an hour to notice after I finally noticed the 'dafaq?!' glances towards me *Lord knows what they were thinking*, all that drama is why this outfit is appropriately named 'Can't get it right'. To be honest, wardrobe malfunctions are second nature to me; I'm always that person who never seems to dress appropriately for any weather regardless of being an obsessive weather checker *sigh*...such as life..but in my defence; British weather. Nuff said. Anyways, hope you enjoy this...rambling and all.
Emily x

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