Thursday, 18 August 2011

♥Life is hard so thank God for shopping!♥

Hey darlings!!
Sorry for not posting for some days...i guess some things just happened that confused me, and not in a good way, i don't think you can be confused in a good way anyway lol...i guess what i should learn from some things is that to never let people make me feel bad about myself, especially people who barely know me but sadly some things are just harder said than done and i do know that i have to learn how to be indipendent mentally and believe and trust in myself but all i can say is that this is going to be a working progress for me cos as much as i want to be mentally indipendent instantly by snapping my fingers, that's not exactly what happens in reality. Also, my google chrome stopped working mysteriously and i have not been forced to use safari cos let's face it, internet explorer is crap(no offence to the internet explorer users lol) and cos my google password was automatically saved on google chrome, i forgot it and i have been literally spending hours typing all passwords i have hoping one of them could be the one only for me to realise i could
Anyhoo...enough of my sobbing life story lol, today's blog is just gonna be simple as i'm still recovering mentally *sniff* *sniff* so i was just gonna show you guys some clothes and shoes my mum bought for me last week...gotta love the mummies right?! anyway, here are the pics, enjoy darlings!
 Can you believe these fab wedges were only £12?! i absolutely love em, high and comfortable although my dad would beg to differ(he thinks the height of the wedges are not safe and are too high)..oh well, all i care about is that i love them!
 These cute beige flats were only £5!!
 I love these beige shoes with black polka dots and a glossy black top  design with bows :) (hope that makes sense lol) i absolutely adore flats with bows on the top!
 I got this cute blue dress for only £10 and i am loving it like crazy! shows off my best assets and doesn't focus on my not so good areas of my body..Perfect!
This top i got for only £5 and i love it too! it's baggy, but not to much to make me look fatter than i am lol and it's soo comfy and casual just the way i like it...although it's from the maternity clothing range i couldn't care less to be honest cos it's amazing and covers up my belly perfectly...i just hope i don't see  a pregnant woman down the high street with the same top only for her to walk to me and sat when are you expecting your child lol..though that would be hilarious lol!

Fashion HELP!!
Now, i know quite a lot of you guys here are fashionistas and i need your help, basically i've got this crop chiffon top with a black pussybow and i was wondering what can i wear it with cos i'm in love with the top but i have no idea what to wear with it cos i need something that's gonna cover me up nicely cos im a plus size gal and all and i literally have no idea what to wear with it in a sort of classy way. Just FYI, this top used to be a dress with a bottom black cotton skirt but i separated/cut them in half cos i bought it online and it was too big and i tried returning it but i fogort my password to the website and let's just say that the shop's online customer service is CRAP!! it totally put me off online shopping..anyway, please help darlings!!...the pic of the top is just below :)
P.S. I know my sis is not on blogspot but i still wanna give her a shoutout, she got her alevel results today and has got into uni..WOO!! I'm getting my gcse results next thursday and im just happy that im not really as nervous as i thought i would be...i'll tell you guys what i got as soon as i get my results..whether good or bad :)
P.P.S. I hope all of you guys are having an amazing week and take care darlings! Love you all. Kisses xx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots

Omg, Hey Darlings!!
Just here to do a quick post based on the shock I'm going through with these London riots and the scary thing is that they are getting closer and closer to where i live...i think the rioters are actually targeting the town i live in tonight....even going outside is soo strange....literally all the shops are closed now keeping in mind it's only 6pm at the moment and small business owners are putting these wood plank things on their shop windows and there are literally cops everywhere....not exactly the scene we are used to here in London...I just pray to God that no one will get harmed cos this rioting business is totally getting out of hand and it's shocking
Anyway, hope you darlings are all safe where you have. Kisses to you all xx
Here are some pics to show y'all how it is here. Stay safe darlings and have a fab week :D xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

♥New Beginnings♥

Hey darlings!!
I'm still sort of finding it challenging to come up with a specific area my blog will focus on so i decided i'm just going to leave it's not going to be a fashion blog, a music blog or any other sort of a characterized blog. I'm just going to leave the window open and just post about anything and everything i love! :D.. I'm feeling a bit weird today in some sort and i think it's because i literally spent the whole day on saturday cleaning the house and throwing away all my old school books that i don't need anymore which was very tiring but weirdly enough had an element of satisfaction to it; i think it's because of all the school books i threw away that were filled with let's say not exactly the best of memories and also the fact that it felt as if i was starting( or preparing myself) for the new chapter in my life starting next friends, new school, new environment. I must admit that at first the whole feeling was incredibly scary but now I'm super excited and actually can't wait...and  the best of all is NO UNIFORM!..i really can't wait to wear my own clothes cos lets face it, school uniform isn't exactly the most flattering of outfits especially with a plus size bod like mine :D
Anyway...enough about me and my life lol...i must admit at times i get carried away. Today's blog is basically me showing you my ideal dream summerish outfit for going to college..casual yet you guys agree with me i hope.
P.S.Hope you all had a fab weekend :D ♥♥ Kisses xx
New Beginnings :D♥

Nude cropped jacket
$120 -

Black jeans
$80 -

Giuseppe zanotti sandals
$292 -

Yves Saint Laurent top handle bag
€1.295 -

Coral bracelet
£22 -

Golden jewelry
$1,610 -

Bibi Bijoux leather bangle
£77 -

Tie belt
£25 -

Nars Cosmetics Semi-matte lipstick 3.4g
£17 -

Traditional Beige Damask Wallpaper
£51 -

Hugo Boss Boss Orange Sunset
£38 -

Friday, 5 August 2011

♥The Beginning Of A Magical Journey♥

Hey Darlings!
Hope you all guys are doing alright. I was sort of struggling to come up with a topic to write about for my first blog as you can tell i'm very new to the 'blogging world' and found it kinda hard to know where to start from so, i decided i'm just gonna introduce myself and then hope and pray that this will all get easier as time goes *cross fingers*. Most of you guy's blogs look AMAZING! which is really cool but then makes mine look sorta crappy lol but oh well, it's not the end of the world :).Anyhoo...i'm basically on my summer holidays at the moment which has been awesome considering all the late mornings I've had and the incredible amount of free time i've pretty much spending them by watching romantic comedy films and just about any american show shown on tv but after spending more than two months of doing nothing really, this summer break doesn't seem as fun as it's cut out to be and let's say this isn't exactly my idea of fun make it all worse, all the jobs and work experiences have either been a 'sorry we don't need any help at the moment' or 'sorry, we have no jobs available at the moment' and the worst of all is where the people don'e even seem to bother to reply to my emails but nevertheless, life still goes on which means it's not the end of the world just yet. Also, instead of moaning about all the job rejections and being practically broke, I've realized that actually, this summer break is something I've well and truly deserved after having the last two, most stressful years of my life which were spent revising constantly and dreaming of the day when it all ends so even though it feels as if i'm wasting all my free time away, it's my free time and i should be the one deciding how to spend it and if i choose to do nothing, then so be it! all you darlings who have a job and find it to be somewhat of a drag, remember to count your blessings each day and know that you are incredibly lucky to have a job during the recession and know that a lot of people would die to have your job so learn to enjoy your job and even if your job seems crappy, at least you're earning money right? But if you don't have a job,no worries, just learn to enjoy the free time you have and count yourself lucky that you can choose what to do whatever time you want without worrying about going to work the next day and finally, learn to live each day to the full and go out there and enjoy at least one experience each day or learn a new skill each day cos remember, the world is full of opportunities out there which are waiting for you to explore them and don't spend your free time wasting it away like me haha  unless that's the sort of thing you need right now.
Hope you all guys have a FAB weekend and take care of yourselves :)
P.S. If any of you 'experienced bloggers' out there would like to give me any pointers you have about blogging or the do's and don'ts of blogging and just about anything else that may help, please don't hesitate to comment.
P.P.S. I pinky swear promise that my other blogs won't be as long as this hehe :D
Love you all! Kisses xx