Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Perfect Imperfections.

H&M Trench// George@Asda Tee// Primark Leggings//Zara Shoes//TKMaxx bag// eBay Necklace//Dad's Hat

Hey guys!
Finally! I've uploaded my first OOTD *can I get an amen!* I wore this outfit on Saturday but actually shot the pictures a couple of weeks ago and was going to reshoot them but I'm wayyy to lazy for this 'reshoot' business. I bought this trench last month for only 17 squids(that's pounds to the normal people) in the H&M sale which is such a bargain considering how the trench is such a huge summer trend. It's soo bloomin comfortable! plus you feel so cool in it...and I mean cool like Neo from the Matrix level so you can imagine how I was feeling on Saturday haha. The necklace is something else I bought last month after seeing countless bloggers sporting either the true Chanel version or the Zara dupe which I nearly bought before I saw this one on eBay which I think resembles the Chanel one much more but at a fraction of the price *£3.99 baby!*...although I think I only got it at this price due to a glitch of some sort but I'm not complaining :). The bag is an oldie but goodie from TKMAXX, the leggings from plain old Primark, the hat is my dad's which I've borrowed for all eternity *don't tell me you haven't done this with you parent's stuff*and the shoes are from Zara (but bought on eBay. I know my feet look weird haha but that's really how I stand 90% of the time..don't ask why lol.
 To be honest, the pictures are nowhere near as ready as I wanted them to be before I posted my first look (hence the title) but I just thought; ahh to hell with it, just do it woman! I've actually been preparing to post a look(and show ma face) ever since I started this blog #chronic procastinator so even though the pictures aren't perfect, I have to admit I'm quite proud of myself for uploading them :) In this world sometimes you just have to celebrate the good things/achievements regardless of how small they are/look. Here's to more 'perfectly imperfect' looks in the future! As always, I hope you guys enjoy this post :)
P.S. How awkward is it shooting on your own?! I have so many outtakes from this day it's unreal.
Love, Emily x

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