Wednesday, 12 March 2014

It Was All Black Everything.

It Was All Black Everything

I'm one of those strange people who wear black in the summer and the rest of the colour spectrum in the winter. I guess I find or maybe believe that it's more acceptable to wear black while the sun is shining rather than when the skies are grey. Now, I know it sounds strange but if you look at it from a balance perspective, doesn't it make perfect sense? It's more important to wear colour when the weather reflects otherwise because it lifts up not only your mood but every other person that you come across on the day however, in the summer, you can comfortably wear black from head to toe and still manage to not fall into a deep depressive state as your day progresses. So there is your answer Caroline!(a.k.a the older sister.)

Side note: I've been thinking about going back to blogging for the best part of a year and honest to God I can't for the life of me figure out what is stopping me from doing this. I seem to take one step forward and ten steps backwards...ahh so close yet so far.

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