Saturday, 28 December 2013

Beautiful Madness.

Beautiful Madness

I named this set 'beautiful madness' simply because one would have to be mad to wear this outfit in the current winter weather however; wouldn't one look oh so beautiful in their madness?

Apologies for the pretentious posh totty madness going on above this sentence; clearly I'm having some sort of identity crisis of a problem but I just thought it sounded cool no?ok...nonetheless, I hope you loved this set♥ *Nonetheless? Honestly, I can't seem to help it today*

Friday, 27 December 2013

Tricks Up My Sleeve.

Tricks Up My Sleeve

It's no secret that I'm a big lover (and wearer) of black. Summer to Spring, Autumn to Winter, black is the colour I always find myself wearing;whether intentional or not but I've realised that wearing black in excess in winter and more so in summer can spread a sort of grumpy, anti-social 'Ebenezer Scrooge'style vibe about you that results in you getting strange looks from other people; something I've been subject to and experienced countless times. This year though I discovered that if you wear even one bright accessory, the strange looks seem to start evaporating one by one and the inclusion of colour surprisingly adds some much needed cheeriness to your mood and a spring to your step too!

Holding On.

Holding On

Now, I know this look doesn't exactly scream 'warm' and wouldn't be exactly ideal in the current weather but how ace does it look?! It's quite typical me as I'm currently refusing to conform to wearing boots amongst other essential winter accessories as I'm trying to hold on to Autumn as much as I can. Suffice to say, my body is not happy with this at all.
I know I would definitely would risk hypothermia for this look...Beauty is after all pain isn't it?

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mint Velvet Cocoon Coat.

Buy Mint Velvet Cocoon Coat, Grey online at John Lewis

I swear as soon as I saw this coat I instantly fell in love. After getting over my 'star struck, dumbfounded, speechless' euphoric episode, I proceeded to scour the internet relentlessly in hope of finding the retailer selling this perfection of a coat. Unfortunately,harsh reality struck a mere 30 mins later when I finally found it only to realise that there was no way I could afford this even in an idealistic parallel world. Ahh the internet giveth and taketh away...I guess that's the circle of life isn't it?
*I do realise I am slightly exaggerating by comparing the circle of life to a mere coat but I am sure any shopaholic out there like me totally understands..right? right?*