Wednesday, 26 March 2014

All Day Everyday.

All Day Everyday

This is currently what my body is craving with every inch and fibre of its being. I'm freezing my ass of right now and it seems that I've got it convinced in my head that if I was just wearing this outfit, all would be right in the world. I mean, what happened to the sun?! The weather seems to have jumped into a time travel capsule and transported the whole of London back to the wet, cold and gloomy month of December all in a moment's notice.

Isn't it strange how black, as boring and dull a colour it is seems to be the source of comfort of security in terms of clothing?

Funnily enough, as much as I'm complaining about this horrendous weather, winter seems to be my favourite season of all. I love how pretty much anyone can look stylish and on trend in the cold whilst consequently hiding a multitude of sins in the form countless pies,sweets,meats and what have you that we all unashamedly inhaled like there was no tomorrow during the Christmas period; I mean anyone would've easily mistaken me for some sort of bear preparing itself for hibernation purely based on the amount of food I managed to chow down in the space of a week. We all manage to hide our rapid weight gain during the winter with minimal effort until the weather decides to warm up and expose us for the hopeless frauds that we are who promised to stick to our diets during Christmas or at least stick to our resolutions to which we silently yet hopefully chanted in our heads on New Year's eve, "10th time's the charm". 

One of the main reasons I dislike Summer is how it manages to quietly separate and highlight the uninspired and lazy couch potatoes such as me from the masses whilst shaming us at the same time for our lack of dedication and motivation to stick to our resolutions for the new year by giving up before even trying and again, convincing ourselves that next year WILL be different; an area in which we seem to have unexpectedly transformed into experts through our years of practice.

Also, what would the British talk/moan about if the weather was all fine and dandy? Not politics thats for sure.

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