Monday, 23 June 2014

Music Mondays | Sam Smith

Hey guys,
It's Monday which means it's time to share another song I've been loving this past week! I'll admit I'm cheating a bit by sharing these songs since I actually barely listed to it last week so let's call them 'songs I forgot about and quickly rediscovered in the last half hour after realising it's Monday and no other songs came to mind'...although, there aren't actually any rules to this so technically....I'm not cheating am I? I was only planning on sharing one but I got crazy hooked on these three AMAZING acoustic versions of Nirvana, Latch and Lay Me Down by the talented Sam Smith. His voice is magical to say the least and when he hits those sweet falsetto notes.....goosebumps! Definitely check him out if you haven't yet because you're seriously missing out. Make sure you also share the songs you've been loving in the last week down below.
Emily x

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