Wednesday, 4 April 2012

♥Long Time No Speak♥

Hey Darlings!!
Apologies again for not blogging for what seems to be a lifetime!! I hope you guys have been fine :)
Anyway, I was kinda wondering what I should blog about as my I thought, might aswell just kind of tell you guys about what's happening and whatnot :)
I think about two or three weeks ago I all over suddenly thought of trying out ebay to shop for items I'm currently craving and I was not dissapointed!! I love it soo much's like an online vintage/thrift shop in my opinion and for people like me who don't exactly favour the idea of walking down the street and seeing a million girls with the same fashion pieces like you...well ebay may just be that perfect, unique shop you've always been looking for. I especially LOVE bidding!! I originally never thought I would but there's that special thrill you get from bidding, it's like winning a race which feels awesome! Also, the prices are crazy cheap!! Honestly! I'm gonna post the items I've bought from ebay in the last two weeks and you guys will not believe the prices I got them for!
However, as I've gotten more and more obsessed and into ebay, I've come to learn that there is definitely do's and don'ts of shopping on ebay because if you're not careful, you can end up being ripped off or getting items that you didn't exactly bargain for. Firstly I wanna say I haven't experienced personally the don'ts of ebay *Thank God!* but the way I've got to learn this list of don'ts is through miscellaneous things. So,rule numero uno for me is if you are gonna buy a used item, definitely go for the ones with lots of pictures showcasing the item and ones with a detailed description of the item, how many times it's been worn, whether or not it has any damage, especially if it's a piece of clothing, check if it comes from a pet and smoke free home because that's something I forgot to do with this red blazer I bought and although it looks fabulous, it kinda smells of cigarette smoke which isn't the kind of scent you want to have on your clothing.
Ok, before I tell y'all numero dos, I have to emphasize how hard it is for me to do this haha as it has been my winning tactic when bidding for items that especially have a lot of bidders bidding on goes my secret that I'm about to expose to the world lol...When you want to bid on an item that you really want but, at the same time there's like 10 or more bidders bidding on it, put your bid in when there's atleast 20 to 30 seconds left before the end of the bid. The reason this works for me is that by the time you put in your bid, your opposition bidders don't have time to increase their bids, you end up winning(which feels amazing!) and also you end up paying less money that you would've if you put you're bid in earlier on. Word of warning when trying this out though; firstly, make sure that you're already logged in cos if you haven't, the process is lengthened and you end up not having enough time to place your bid. Secondly, make sure you don't get as overconfident as I did and place your bid 10 seconds to go because if you wait this long to put in your bid, you find out that someone else has followed the proper technique of putting in the bid 25 seconds before the end and therefore you end up not having time to place your bid and end up losing(which sucks!)
I've got loads of other tips on do's and don'ts but I've just noticed how long this post is haha and I really don't wanna bore you guys anymore but if you wanna know more you can always just ask :) or google it lol. The last tip of the day is beware! Most of the items being sold have a 'No Returns' policy so bid on items you are absolutely sure of because you don't have the option of returning it if you don't like it.
Here are the pictures of the two blazers I've bought on ebay and the red one is the one I was saying about smelling of ciggy smoke lol but they both fit perfectly and I'll try to upload pictures of me wearing them soon, but if I don't, please don't be mad :(
Anyway, Good night guys (it's 10:45pm at the moment here), God bless and happy bidding!! :)