Tuesday, 24 June 2014

It Ain't Even Spring Yet.

Primark Coat// Primark T-Shirt// Primark Leggings// Zara Shoes// TKMaxx Bag// Primark Necklace// H&M Ear cuff// Sekonda Watch

Hey guys,
Another outfit post for you guys today :). I have to admit I wore this look and shot it a month ago which really goes to show just how lazy I am but....in my defence, I really like it and even though the weather here in London has improved a bit meaning, coats are no longer needed however, with this unsettled weather that keeps changing every 15 mins, I wouldn't pack away my coats yet since you never really know what to expect. Are any of you guys out there feeling my pain?..well not pain really since I have to admit I secretly prefer the colder days to the warmer ones...to me, heat just makes everything soo uncomfortable! Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying this week and enjoy my 'flasher pose' in the last photo ;).
Emily x

Monday, 23 June 2014

Music Mondays | Sam Smith

Hey guys,
It's Monday which means it's time to share another song I've been loving this past week! I'll admit I'm cheating a bit by sharing these songs since I actually barely listed to it last week so let's call them 'songs I forgot about and quickly rediscovered in the last half hour after realising it's Monday and no other songs came to mind'...although, there aren't actually any rules to this so technically....I'm not cheating am I? I was only planning on sharing one but I got crazy hooked on these three AMAZING acoustic versions of Nirvana, Latch and Lay Me Down by the talented Sam Smith. His voice is magical to say the least and when he hits those sweet falsetto notes.....goosebumps! Definitely check him out if you haven't yet because you're seriously missing out. Make sure you also share the songs you've been loving in the last week down below.
Emily x

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Perfect Imperfections.

H&M Trench// George@Asda Tee// Primark Leggings//Zara Shoes//TKMaxx bag// eBay Necklace//Dad's Hat

Hey guys!
Finally! I've uploaded my first OOTD *can I get an amen!* I wore this outfit on Saturday but actually shot the pictures a couple of weeks ago and was going to reshoot them but I'm wayyy to lazy for this 'reshoot' business. I bought this trench last month for only 17 squids(that's pounds to the normal people) in the H&M sale which is such a bargain considering how the trench is such a huge summer trend. It's soo bloomin comfortable! plus you feel so cool in it...and I mean cool like Neo from the Matrix level so you can imagine how I was feeling on Saturday haha. The necklace is something else I bought last month after seeing countless bloggers sporting either the true Chanel version or the Zara dupe which I nearly bought before I saw this one on eBay which I think resembles the Chanel one much more but at a fraction of the price *£3.99 baby!*...although I think I only got it at this price due to a glitch of some sort but I'm not complaining :). The bag is an oldie but goodie from TKMAXX, the leggings from plain old Primark, the hat is my dad's which I've borrowed for all eternity *don't tell me you haven't done this with you parent's stuff*and the shoes are from Zara (but bought on eBay. I know my feet look weird haha but that's really how I stand 90% of the time..don't ask why lol.
 To be honest, the pictures are nowhere near as ready as I wanted them to be before I posted my first look (hence the title) but I just thought; ahh to hell with it, just do it woman! I've actually been preparing to post a look(and show ma face) ever since I started this blog #chronic procastinator so even though the pictures aren't perfect, I have to admit I'm quite proud of myself for uploading them :) In this world sometimes you just have to celebrate the good things/achievements regardless of how small they are/look. Here's to more 'perfectly imperfect' looks in the future! As always, I hope you guys enjoy this post :)
P.S. How awkward is it shooting on your own?! I have so many outtakes from this day it's unreal.
Love, Emily x

Perfect Imperfections

Monday, 16 June 2014

Music Mondays | Louis Armstrong & Bobby McFerrin.

These two songs have definitely been on repeat in the last week like crazy...and propably in the whole of last month to be honest. I swear Louis Armstrong's voice has magical soothing powers especially when you're having those crappy days or if you're knackered beyond belief and his cover of 'La Vie En Rose' definitely doesn't dissapoint. As for Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy tune, I would say it's the perfect song for those days where you feel like all you're tasks are pilling up at lighting speed and you can't cope (something I definitely felt last week) so if you ever feel like that, just blast out this song and revel in the mess that is life..something that definitely works for me haha!
Anyways, see you next week and definitely make sure you share with me the songs that that have been on your repeat list in the last week :)
Emily x

Monday, 9 June 2014

Music Mondays | Macy Gray

Hope you're all well. So, as I continue to profusely procrastinate and delay the pictures I promised in the previous post, I decided I might as well start a new segment type thing in order to change this blog's uncanny resemblance to a barren desert *oh hey there tumbleweed*. Anyway, I now present to you Music Mondays; a new segment where I'm gonna be sharing song(s) that I've been listening to on repeat during the last week and hopefully you guys can share with me the songs that have been stuck in your heads too. 
So, for last week, Beauty in the world by Macy Gray was definitely one of the songs that was on repeat like crazy. After having gone through a weird couple of weeks emotionally, this song's light, upbeat summer vibe/mood definitely made me feel a whole lot better *music heals you guys!* and those lyrics are so beautiful and true so I hope you enjoy this song as much as I have and I can't wait to see what you've been loving :)

P.S. I've been hanging out on Tumblr like crazy these past few weeks *Thank God for Tumblr's post limits* so feel free to come over and hang out with me on onwards-n-upwards.tumblr.com whenever you want :)
See you next week,
Love Emily x