Thursday, 11 August 2011

When in doubt, wear a skirt♥


  1. Well.. Sometimes I feel uneasy with a skirt! I don't like show too much my legs, expecially in Venice, now I'm in Spain, house on the beach, pool, lost in nothing so I don't care much, but in the city I always wear tights when I put a skirt!



  2. Same! i'm not exactly the most confident in skirts and prefer wearing skinny jeans and leggings but i think what i was aiming to show that there are skirts for every event and you look like you have fab legs in your photo darling so get a skirt on and show off those fabulous legs before it gets cold and if you get the right length and fit for you i promise you'll feel way more confident and look amazing too instead of feeling uneasy !! ♥♥♥

  3. Unfortunately what other see is not what I see.. :P In the photo that I was talk about in my post I Had a skirt, maybe it's fate telling me that I should not put skirts.. haha :) <3<3<3

    (and that shoes was my object of desire too! My boyfriend gifted to me, for all the others I do a lot of sacrifices!)

  4. Awww well darling every girl feels that way and I personally thing your legs are hot!! and you definitely need to flaunt them in a sexy skirt hehe and aww you're lucky you have a nice boyfriend