Monday, 8 August 2011

♥New Beginnings♥

Hey darlings!!
I'm still sort of finding it challenging to come up with a specific area my blog will focus on so i decided i'm just going to leave it's not going to be a fashion blog, a music blog or any other sort of a characterized blog. I'm just going to leave the window open and just post about anything and everything i love! :D.. I'm feeling a bit weird today in some sort and i think it's because i literally spent the whole day on saturday cleaning the house and throwing away all my old school books that i don't need anymore which was very tiring but weirdly enough had an element of satisfaction to it; i think it's because of all the school books i threw away that were filled with let's say not exactly the best of memories and also the fact that it felt as if i was starting( or preparing myself) for the new chapter in my life starting next friends, new school, new environment. I must admit that at first the whole feeling was incredibly scary but now I'm super excited and actually can't wait...and  the best of all is NO UNIFORM!..i really can't wait to wear my own clothes cos lets face it, school uniform isn't exactly the most flattering of outfits especially with a plus size bod like mine :D
Anyway...enough about me and my life lol...i must admit at times i get carried away. Today's blog is basically me showing you my ideal dream summerish outfit for going to college..casual yet you guys agree with me i hope.
P.S.Hope you all had a fab weekend :D ♥♥ Kisses xx
New Beginnings :D♥

Nude cropped jacket
$120 -

Black jeans
$80 -

Giuseppe zanotti sandals
$292 -

Yves Saint Laurent top handle bag
€1.295 -

Coral bracelet
£22 -

Golden jewelry
$1,610 -

Bibi Bijoux leather bangle
£77 -

Tie belt
£25 -

Nars Cosmetics Semi-matte lipstick 3.4g
£17 -

Traditional Beige Damask Wallpaper
£51 -

Hugo Boss Boss Orange Sunset
£38 -


  1. That is a lovely collage girl :) Would totally wear it ^_^ And good luck, you will surely feel great, i promise!

    xx following u!

  2. Aww thanks darling!! I know's totally wearable and casual but still fashionable :)...the only thing that sucks is that i can't afford it lol. anyhoo...thanks a bunch for following you and following you back. P.S. I lurvee your blog!! ♥♥

  3. hi dear congrats for your new blog! Good luck
    i m your google's follower :)
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  4. Love you're blog!

    I follow!

  5. @Simonavenus thank you soo much darling :D...following you! ♥♥
    @Maartje..Aww thank you babe! loving yours too...following you back :D ♥♥