Thursday, 18 August 2011

♥Life is hard so thank God for shopping!♥

Hey darlings!!
Sorry for not posting for some days...i guess some things just happened that confused me, and not in a good way, i don't think you can be confused in a good way anyway lol...i guess what i should learn from some things is that to never let people make me feel bad about myself, especially people who barely know me but sadly some things are just harder said than done and i do know that i have to learn how to be indipendent mentally and believe and trust in myself but all i can say is that this is going to be a working progress for me cos as much as i want to be mentally indipendent instantly by snapping my fingers, that's not exactly what happens in reality. Also, my google chrome stopped working mysteriously and i have not been forced to use safari cos let's face it, internet explorer is crap(no offence to the internet explorer users lol) and cos my google password was automatically saved on google chrome, i forgot it and i have been literally spending hours typing all passwords i have hoping one of them could be the one only for me to realise i could
Anyhoo...enough of my sobbing life story lol, today's blog is just gonna be simple as i'm still recovering mentally *sniff* *sniff* so i was just gonna show you guys some clothes and shoes my mum bought for me last week...gotta love the mummies right?! anyway, here are the pics, enjoy darlings!
 Can you believe these fab wedges were only £12?! i absolutely love em, high and comfortable although my dad would beg to differ(he thinks the height of the wedges are not safe and are too high)..oh well, all i care about is that i love them!
 These cute beige flats were only £5!!
 I love these beige shoes with black polka dots and a glossy black top  design with bows :) (hope that makes sense lol) i absolutely adore flats with bows on the top!
 I got this cute blue dress for only £10 and i am loving it like crazy! shows off my best assets and doesn't focus on my not so good areas of my body..Perfect!
This top i got for only £5 and i love it too! it's baggy, but not to much to make me look fatter than i am lol and it's soo comfy and casual just the way i like it...although it's from the maternity clothing range i couldn't care less to be honest cos it's amazing and covers up my belly perfectly...i just hope i don't see  a pregnant woman down the high street with the same top only for her to walk to me and sat when are you expecting your child lol..though that would be hilarious lol!

Fashion HELP!!
Now, i know quite a lot of you guys here are fashionistas and i need your help, basically i've got this crop chiffon top with a black pussybow and i was wondering what can i wear it with cos i'm in love with the top but i have no idea what to wear with it cos i need something that's gonna cover me up nicely cos im a plus size gal and all and i literally have no idea what to wear with it in a sort of classy way. Just FYI, this top used to be a dress with a bottom black cotton skirt but i separated/cut them in half cos i bought it online and it was too big and i tried returning it but i fogort my password to the website and let's just say that the shop's online customer service is CRAP!! it totally put me off online shopping..anyway, please help darlings!!...the pic of the top is just below :)
P.S. I know my sis is not on blogspot but i still wanna give her a shoutout, she got her alevel results today and has got into uni..WOO!! I'm getting my gcse results next thursday and im just happy that im not really as nervous as i thought i would be...i'll tell you guys what i got as soon as i get my results..whether good or bad :)
P.P.S. I hope all of you guys are having an amazing week and take care darlings! Love you all. Kisses xx


  1. I luv dat royal blu dress. As 4 ur dress turned top,lol I fink u shud wear blue or black straight jeans with it and wateva color of wedges to give it an edge. Hope it helps :) inoe d feeling. I bought a skirt in a Forever 21 store in d.c but I live in Pennsylvania n I couldn't return d skirt. It's a funny tribal multi-color skirt but evn funnier, I ordered some plaid shirts from d same forever 21(u gatta luv deir clothes) and 1 of em went perfectly with the skirt. Who knew plaid n tribal prints right? heheheh

  2. @Ms.Amide, I know right, i love the dress and it fits amazingly :) and for the top i tried it with a basic white strappy vest tucked in with black skinnys and it totally goes so thanks for the tip darling! all i need to do now is buy some colourful wedges lol and wow i never know those two would ever match! but i guess you never know until you try right?!
    Thnaks for the tip my darling :).Kisses xx
    @moonstyle, i loooooveee flats too :) ♥♥

  3. I know right one has just gatta try it first. Anyways m glad you found something. U are welcome..xx

  4. Yeah true that darling :)and well thank you darling for giving me the idea :) ♥♥

  5. Hey Emily! I found your blog when I was browsing another fellow bloggers! Fabulous layout! I'm so glad I discovered you! =D I love all your pieces, your shoes are ALL too adorable and I'm lovin that oversized striped top! As for the blouse, I can definitely see why you love the top. Maybe you should try pairing it with very skinny black jeans or a brightly colored pant? I have to constantly try on outfits to see if they work, I have a rough time visualizing so sorry about not being to help out more =(

    I'm following you via google now =D I'd love it if you could stop by and check out my blog, maybe follow? =D

    Can't wait for more updates!

  6. Awww thank you soo much kimberly!! your comment made me smile sooo much :) and thank you for that tip! i will definately try it darling :)
    I'm loving your blog too :)..thanks for following and i'm following you back now :) ♥♥

  7. great prices! and adroable finds!

  8. I know right?! Thanks darling :)..following you :D ♥♥

  9. Followed your blog dear <3
    follow mine :) there's also a giveaway

  10. I would wear the cliffton blouse with high waisted jeans shorts - think about it!

  11. polka dot shoes are my personal favorites! :)