Friday, 5 August 2011

♥The Beginning Of A Magical Journey♥

Hey Darlings!
Hope you all guys are doing alright. I was sort of struggling to come up with a topic to write about for my first blog as you can tell i'm very new to the 'blogging world' and found it kinda hard to know where to start from so, i decided i'm just gonna introduce myself and then hope and pray that this will all get easier as time goes *cross fingers*. Most of you guy's blogs look AMAZING! which is really cool but then makes mine look sorta crappy lol but oh well, it's not the end of the world :).Anyhoo...i'm basically on my summer holidays at the moment which has been awesome considering all the late mornings I've had and the incredible amount of free time i've pretty much spending them by watching romantic comedy films and just about any american show shown on tv but after spending more than two months of doing nothing really, this summer break doesn't seem as fun as it's cut out to be and let's say this isn't exactly my idea of fun make it all worse, all the jobs and work experiences have either been a 'sorry we don't need any help at the moment' or 'sorry, we have no jobs available at the moment' and the worst of all is where the people don'e even seem to bother to reply to my emails but nevertheless, life still goes on which means it's not the end of the world just yet. Also, instead of moaning about all the job rejections and being practically broke, I've realized that actually, this summer break is something I've well and truly deserved after having the last two, most stressful years of my life which were spent revising constantly and dreaming of the day when it all ends so even though it feels as if i'm wasting all my free time away, it's my free time and i should be the one deciding how to spend it and if i choose to do nothing, then so be it! all you darlings who have a job and find it to be somewhat of a drag, remember to count your blessings each day and know that you are incredibly lucky to have a job during the recession and know that a lot of people would die to have your job so learn to enjoy your job and even if your job seems crappy, at least you're earning money right? But if you don't have a job,no worries, just learn to enjoy the free time you have and count yourself lucky that you can choose what to do whatever time you want without worrying about going to work the next day and finally, learn to live each day to the full and go out there and enjoy at least one experience each day or learn a new skill each day cos remember, the world is full of opportunities out there which are waiting for you to explore them and don't spend your free time wasting it away like me haha  unless that's the sort of thing you need right now.
Hope you all guys have a FAB weekend and take care of yourselves :)
P.S. If any of you 'experienced bloggers' out there would like to give me any pointers you have about blogging or the do's and don'ts of blogging and just about anything else that may help, please don't hesitate to comment.
P.P.S. I pinky swear promise that my other blogs won't be as long as this hehe :D
Love you all! Kisses xx


  1. I spend my summer lazying around to cuz it's my summer hehe.

  2. very cute pictures :D Good luck!

  3. Hi Girlie i love your blog and i can tell its gonna be a very interesting one,am so following you!xoxox

  4. Haha! I've read this post with the smile on my face :) Good luck in this! I should tell you that I'm not so good at blogging,either, but at least trying :P...Following you, plz, follow me back :) I would be pretty happy if you do so, cheers ^^ Make it interesting! ;)

  5. I'm following <3

  6. @Ms.Amide...haha that's what im doing too but after two years of straight school work even on holidays, it feels weird that i have nothing to do..i keep feeling like i shouldn't be relaxing co it's wrong...only to realise that i can actually relax cos i have no school work lol ♥
    @JEF..thanks darling!! following you back :D ♥
    @Vonette Orinda Thank you darling!! ♥ Following you back! ♥♥
    @ Rasha omg your comment made me smile like mad!i'm soo happy that my blog made you smile :D
    @ Suely thanks for following me!! :D ♥♥

  7. Your blog is so lovely! Im really gonna visit this blog more often :) cute post!

    check out my blog please if u have a minute xx

  8. Welcome to the wonderful liberating world of blogging-Your blog has already taken on a life all it's own its so open, light, and airy. There is no absolute wrong when it comes to a blog but I did run across one yesterday that I would never follow it was filled with hate and unnecessary swearing & and I just don't want to go there. I have to much class and by the look of your start so do you:)Cheerio Precious, From Tiease Please follow me back at

  9. @.porcelaine Thanks soo much darling :D..Following you back too :) ♥♥
    @Tiease's Valley of the Paper Divas awww your comment made me smile soo much. i totally get what you mean, the way i see it is a blog can be anyway you want but obviously with a classy touch too :) and i've seen some of those blogs too and soo not following them...the last thing i want my blog to be is a hating blog filled with soo much unnecessary swearing. Thanks a bunch for complimenting my blog and hopefully i'll get better as time goes..lastly, thanks soo much for the advice cos i'm realising that being a blogger is much harder than it looks :(...but not to a point that it's, i like being challenged cos life's too short to always live in a comfort zone :) ♥♥♥

  10. This post inspires. It's nice. I'll be glad to follow you ;))

  11. Awww thank you soo much darling! you've literally made me soo happy :)