Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mint Velvet Cocoon Coat.

Buy Mint Velvet Cocoon Coat, Grey online at John Lewis

I swear as soon as I saw this coat I instantly fell in love. After getting over my 'star struck, dumbfounded, speechless' euphoric episode, I proceeded to scour the internet relentlessly in hope of finding the retailer selling this perfection of a coat. Unfortunately,harsh reality struck a mere 30 mins later when I finally found it only to realise that there was no way I could afford this even in an idealistic parallel world. Ahh the internet giveth and taketh away...I guess that's the circle of life isn't it?
*I do realise I am slightly exaggerating by comparing the circle of life to a mere coat but I am sure any shopaholic out there like me totally understands..right? right?*

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